A creative journey
through contemporary gastronomy

20 June – 13 July, Basque Culinary Center


What's 50 glimpses?

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Gastronomy is everywhere. Why?

Because there's no reality that escapes food. Because there's a lot more than nutrients behind what we put in our mouths: there's economics, politics, communication, science, training, technology and the environment. There's society and identity.

To celebrate this, the Basque Culinary Center presents 50 Glimpses, a daring exhibition in which gastronomy lovers, the curious - and even detractors - can observe around 50 displays that represent 50 aspects related to the multiplication of a contagious and fascinating phenomenon.

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Basque Culinary Center
20 June – 13 July
Free Guided Tours: Monday to Friday (10h, 12h, 17h)
Booking: Booking is needed
50 Glimpses: A creative journey through contemporary gastronomy

50 Glimpses constructs a new and stimulating story, exhibited throughout the Basque Culinary Center building that helps us to understand the real dimensions of contemporary gastronomy; because more than a fashion, gastronomy is a movement.

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The 50 Glimpses team comprises

Sasha Correa
Sasha Correa
The other Curator

Venezuelan journalist dedicated to the creative management of projects, research, conceptualization, editing of gastronomic contents, and the hand that rocks the cradle. Ever since she switched from politics to the affairs of the fork 12 years ago, she has focussed on publications specialised in gastronomy and fashion; and promoted projects related to gastronomy. She is currently working with the Basque Culinary Center and with Mugaritz.

Santos Bregaña
Santos Bregaña
The Creative Director

Artist, designer, editor and above all creator, Bregaña's work has been closely linked to gastronomy. Awarded the Sphere by the Art Director Club NY thanks to his work for the restaurant Mugaritz, his works have acquired significant international prestige, and can be found in many of the best restaurants and hotels in the world, and have been exhibited in Paris, Washington, New York, Tokyo, Milan, Madrid, Miami, Berlin, etc. His most recent works include “Time Machine Soup”, an exhibition designed to celebrate San Sebastián’s designation as the European Capital of Culture in 2016, which received public and critical acclaim.

Iñaki Martínez de Albéniz
Iñaki Martínez de Albéniz
The Curator

Doctor and lecturer in sociology at the University of the Basque Country (EHU-UPV). He was chastened by his experience of politics after carrying out his thesis on this delicate subject, so liable to overacting, and, believing that researching the social aspects of gastronomy would take him to the antipodes, he realised that there is nothing more political than cooking. Since then he has tried to poke his nose into the pot whenever he can, collaborating in the organisation of various events, of course always from an agitprop perspective. He has always wanted to be a curator from his earliest childhood. And he's finally managed it.

Pedro Perles
Pedro Perles
The Illustrator

Artist, musician and illustrator for advertising, children's books, opinion articles, album covers, film posters, multiform objects and psychedelic animations. A chef by vocation, his oxtail stew could resolve international conflicts. He works for El País, Errea Comunicación and other clients around the globe. He knows two or three restaurants in Tokyo that still keep secrets. Pedro Perles is like Nadal, he always reaches.

The collaborators

Javier Muro,
Harkaitz Cano,
Itsaso Gabellanes,
José Luis López de Zubiria,
Corné Nuham,